Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis )

Common Names: Aloe vera, True Aloe

Grows indoors in good light. This plant is usually grown as a potted plant, and may be kept outdoors in a suitable environment, but it is also recommended for indoor growing as a houseplant. An excellent choice for potted culture anywhere, or outdoors culture in maritime California, desert areas and the South. It has a cooling and emollient gel which may be squeezed from the leaf.

The generations of past mention the healing methods of Aloe vera plants being handed down through the centuries by word of mouth.  We find that the use of Aloe vera appears throughout history with many testimonials of its medicinal values.  The earliest record of Aloe vera use comes from the Egyptians.  There are records of the Egyptians drawing pictures of Aloe vera plants on the walls of the temples. Many cultures such as the Egyptians would have even elevated the plant to a ‘god-like’ status. The healing properties of the Aloe vera were utilized for centuries earning the name “Plant of Immortality”.


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