Clary Sage Eye Bight Alba

A perennial herb that grows to 2-5 feet high and is hardy in zones 5-9. Plant in partial shade to full sun. This will bloom from early summer through mid summer, but can carry its bloom longer if you are diligent in cutting back the fading flowers to encourage new growth. The purple-pink inflorescences are covered with glandules, redolent with Clary’s peculiar essential oil. It is deer resistant.

Salvia argentea is a hardy plant that is native to dry, stony grasslands of southern Europe, the eastern Mediterranean and northwest Africa. It is just one of over 900 species of salvias, many of which are ornamental and some are edible. Do not confuse silver sage, Salvia argentea with culinary or garden sage, Salvia officinalis. Silver sage is not edible.
Salvia argentea tends to be a short-lived perennial in dry areas and/or if the flowers are removed, but is more typically a biennial in humid climates, especially if allowed to go to seed.

The genus name Salvia, derives from the Latin salveo meaning ‘I am healed’ or ‘I am well’, referring to the medicinal qualities of some species. Sometimes known as sage or clary, this is a large genus containing both annual and perennial species
Both the species name and the common name of Silver sage are from the Latin word for silver argentum, in reference to the young leaves that emerge silver-white in spring.
Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt.

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