Vegetables, By Property

The following lists are compiled by personal research and are not definitive.

Deer Resistant
Hungarian Yallow Way

Heat Tolerant
Swiss Chard

Drought Tolerant
Ground Cherry
Hungarian Yallow Way

Attracts Pollinators
Ground Cherry
Hungarian Yallow Way
Parsley, Flat Italiane
Squash, Dark Green

Potential Allergic Reactions From Handling

Poisonous (Leafs and Stems)
Ground Cherry
Tomato, Abe Lincoln
Tomato, Amish
Tomato, Baby Girls
Tomato, Beef Steak
Tomato, Better Boy
Tomato, Celebrity Heirloom
Tomato, Chadwick
Tomato, Cherry
Tomato, Defiant
Tomato, Foxcherry
Tomato, Heize
Tomato, Jelly Bean
Tomato, Jersey
Tomato, Ranger Heirloom

Scoville Units (Spicy Scale) For Peppers

    Mild (1,000 Units)
Cajun Pepper
Felicity Pepper
Pizza Pepper
Seco Pepper

    Hot (3,000-30,000 Units)
Arbol Hot Pepper
Arohi Hot Pepper

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