Straight-Eight Cucumbers

straight-eight-cucumber_5Cucumbers grow 8 inches long, maturing in 50 to 75 days. Named for its perfectly straight, 8-inch long fruit, this slicing cucumber has long been prized for its high quality, flavor, and even, deep green color. Well adapted throughout the US. Vigorous, productive vines that benefit from trellising. Like other cucumbers, Straight Eight is a tender plant. Directly sow the seed after the last spring frost. Clear a garden site with full sun exposure. Don’t plant the cucumbers beside tomatoes or sage. Water the Straight Eight cucumbers daily and deeply. Give them water early in the morning so the moisture won’t evaporate immediately. Only water at the base of the plant, avoiding the leaves, otherwise you are inviting disease. In order for the cucumbers to set on, the soil needs to be kept moist.

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